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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Posted 7:01am PST...

Ok, I've been out here exactly eleven hours and last night when I landed, it was pouring rain. I guess I should feel good that I came out here when I did. December's mud slides and torrential rains have more than likely made the Angelinos more rainy-weather savvy. It hasn't been that bad.

We sat on the runway for over an hour last night due to a confusion with planes at the wrong gates.

*blank stare*

I will let that one go for now. I mean, at least we landed safely and all was good. I finally got my luggage and met up with my friend Kimberly, who met me here for the weekend from Nashville, TN. It's her birthday weekend so we're gonna hang out with my friends Tee and Mia and crash every possible party.

Today is the Artist Empowerment Coalition brunch. Click here to see what the AEC does. If you click on the first photo in the past events section, you will see your boy standing behind AEC President Londell McMillan, Prince and Smokie Norful. I MADE THE CUT!!! LOL

This year, the AEC is honoring recording artist Kanye West, model Tyra Banks and actor Danny Glover. Nothing will beat last year's experience of meeting Mary Mary, Mary J. Blige, Chaka Khan, JILL SCOTT, Nas, Glover, Queen Latifah, Prince, Norful and Angie Stone. Just a great event. And it inspired my future tome (yes, an entire book!) detailing my five minute conversation with Scott. Good times.

We shall see how this year's event unfolds. Respect to Londell's assistant Dana for the hook up! Love ya, girl.

I'm staying at my niece's house while I'm out here. She lives in an area called Beverlywood and I love it here. There are palm trees lining each side of the street, every house has a front lawn and a backyard, the houses are all one-story dwellings and the insides are mostly hardwood. It's just a great place to live and raise kids. There are schools within two blocks of my niece on both sides; the main thoroughfare is a block away (La Cienega Blvd.), the airport is ten minutes away, and EVERYTHING is less than twenty minutes away by car. I swear, every time I come out to visit her, it makes me think longer and harder about coming out here to stay. This trip is no different. I have until October (when my current lease in Harlem is up) to make a decision. I may come back out in July to do some further investigation.

Kim is going out with a friend of hers for a birthday meal and Tee and Mia (newlyweds) will be out running errands. And after the crappy weather last night (you try navigating around Los Angeles at night in the rain...not good times at all!), the sun is out today!!! *crossing my fingers that it stays out...damn you, Tony! Toni! Tone! I wanna sue your asses...lol*

I'm about to get dressed and head over to the brunch. Details to follow, of course.

Ahhhh, L.A. The City of Angels. And damn rain clouds. Sigh.

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Blogger Zantiferous3 commented at February 12, 2005 at 10:13 PM~  

Well... I'm glad you got there safely... have a GREAT time, take lots of pictures and don't forget to update!!! And if you see Chaka again, please tell her that I'm her #1 fan!!! =)))

Blogger Brown Shuga commented at February 12, 2005 at 11:25 PM~  

I'll piggyback off of Xquizzyt1. (damn her for rubbing me with that keychain....now i have a keloid on my arm) Muhahahahahaha! But seriously, have a GREAT time as she stated...Only I don't have a message for Chaka. I mean, she's cool and all BUT this year, if you happen to see Kanye, tell him to call me. (put your hand to your ear with two fingers extended) You know the move. hee hee

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