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Sunday, February 13, 2005

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It's 2:30am and I've been running hard all day. The brunch was from 10am to 2pm at the Beverly Hilton, and since I was volunteering, I couldn't take the photos I wanted to. But rest assured, it was a great event. Overbooked, in fact. Standing room only for real.

The details will be shared when I get back to New York and my friend Dana is able to supply me with the appropriate photos to share. Fa shizzle!

After the brunch, I headed over to Quality on 3rd Street with my friend Rebecca for some good food and some more people watching. Becky is doing some things. She's working part time at a law firm, going to school at night, in the middle of an internship at CitySearch. Today, she came and got me after working the graveyard shift Friday and before she had to head back in for a 5-9 shift. If tired could talk, Becky would be its spokesperson.

I'm always amazed at how scrawny celebrities look in person, how much they differ from their screen auras. I mean, everybody knows by now how short Taye Diggs and Morris Chestnut are; how bad Vanessa Williams' skin is; how pale most caucasian actors are in the sunlight. And then there's Gin.a Gers.hon, whom we spotted walking down 3rd Street this afternoon. Alone. She is, how can I say this gently...A STICK FIGURE!!! The same lady I had a crush on in Showgirls and the short-lived TV show Snoops...is about a thin as Snoop Dogg!!! LOL It was amazing and horrifying to see at the same time. Talk about crushing a dream...Yeesh! It was bad.

Anyways, after Quality (the food was good, by the way...they only served breakfast and lunc there. At 4pm, the whole damn place shut down for the day. Which leaves the employees time to go to the beach and actually enjoy their Saturdays...nice.), Becky decided to drive down Melrose Avenue and look at all the stuff she can't afford. We cruised past all the designer stores with the huge prices in the windows. Rode past a barber shop called Rudy's (obviously Notre Dame Rudy and NOT Fat Albert Rudy) while listening to an independent FM radio station that...*ahem* was playing a FOLK VERSION of Cameo's WORD UP!!! That is not a misprint. At first we weren't listening closely as the conversation was flowing, but after a while, we just stopped and had to listen. This song had accordians playing at one point. I damn near lost my lunch. Only in LA, folks. Only in LA.

It was around 4:30 when Becky dropped me off back at my niece's house. I picked up my car and headed over to meet Tee and Mia to see the movie Hitch. Funny, funny movie. All the stuff I said after I, Robot about Will Smith not being able to carry a movie? Take it back. My namesake did his thing in this one. I will be doing a review of it on Monday. Good film, though.

After the movie, we headed to the Grove for some Italian. The pizza was great! (Can you tell I love LA? lol) Just watching the people was enough for me. We sat diagonal from the movie theater at an outside eatery called La Piazza. Directly across from us was a broke ass version of the fountain at the Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas. They had the dancing water, the lights, the piped in classic music (we even heard Dean Martin belt out the cult hit That's Amore!, which was appropriate with Valentine's Day just two days away)...it was just a scaled down version. But nice nonetheless.

The Grove is a part of the Farmer's Market, on the corner of 3rd and Fairfax. So many stores, 599 levels of parking in the garage (I swear, one more level and me and St. Peter woulda been slapping five), places to get dressed up to eat and places to just go hang out. There were so many people out this night soaking in the nice weather and just glad it wasn't raining. My friend Kim said she brought the rain with her from Nashville. Hmmm...it didn't rain today. And I didn't see Kim today. Coincidence? Maybe. LOL

After Italian food, the three of us headed over to Lola's, the martini bar in West Hollywood. We stepped into the spot and it was packed. All sorts hang out in West Hollywood. And all sorts descended on Lola's tonight. LOL The place was buzzing. At the front bar, you had to push your way past the three deep line to get a martini. Once you got past the first rush, you were in the room with the pool table, which had some tables to the side. The crowd was mixed and having a good time. Past the pool room was the back area, which holds another bar and about 10 tables. At the long ass table near the entrance to the back, there was a birthday party underway. Hmmm...it was West Hollywood, a birthday party and all the people at the table were women. Some didn't exactly look like women, but they were. In fact, the birthday girl looked like she coulda been my little brother. She looked rough. As she sat making out with her girlfriend, the rest of the couples at the table did the same. I looked around for cameras, sensing that they must've been shooting scenes for The L Word. It damn sure was Showtime up in dat piece.

Tee's friend Octavia met us at the bar. Her birthday was today as well (along with Kim and manly girl). HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL!!! Her and her friend had just come back from Long Beach where they saw Wayman Tisdale, Jeffrey Osbourne and Mike Phillips perform. They enjoyed it. At this point I'm getting sleepy. It's been a long day, what after the brunch, lunch with Becky, the movie, dinner and now the bar. Kim pages me at 1:30 saying that she and her crew are headed to Chocolate Bar on Melrose.

Ummm...no thanks. I'm good. Tomorrow will be a long day as well, with the Grammys and the after parties on my plate. I'm tired.

And you know...the more I'm out here, the more I'm thinking about coming back for good. Sigh. Happy Birthday, Kim. Hope you enjoyed your day...since I didn't get to see you. LOL

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Blogger Brown Shuga commented at February 13, 2005 at 8:01 AM~  

Man...you got me wanting to come out to LA....for a visit. I don't think I'd like to move there. Although, I'm always open to relocating, LA has never been one of my choices. Thanks for sharing your everyday going-ons! I'm enjoying! I'm living vicariously through you. I'm taking it all in! *deep breath* Can you smell that? Ahhh....that's Cali baby! hee hee Isn't it funny how folks fall victim to becoming topics in our blog entries? hee hee Even the L Word-esque chics got a part in your story. hahahaha

Blogger Rhapsodi commented at February 14, 2005 at 4:34 PM~  

I've never been to LA but is sounds like it's time for a visit!

Blogger Mary commented at February 15, 2005 at 12:31 PM~  

Wow, you named 2 places I went on one of my best visits to L.A. I spent all day shopping at the Grove on my birthday, and had the party at Lola's later that night. But, trust me, I don't look like a dude. ;)

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